Freestyle Rules and Expectations

York Ice Arena Freestyle Session Rules
All rules, policies and procedures are subject to change. Rules must be reviewed before entering freestyle ice.
1. Freestyle sessions are for those figure skaters who are practicing elements of figure skating as well as other skaters working directly under the direction of an arena approved coach.
2.  All skaters must sign in and make payment prior to entering the ice for each individual session that you are skating on.
3. All beverages must be kept in the player's bench areas and not on the cap rail.
4. Food is not permitted on the ice or player bench areas.  
5. The maximum number of skaters accepted during a Freestyle session is 24. Coaches are not included in this count.
6. Music:  Skaters put their music playing devices (or other personal item) in "line" and music is played on a first come-first serve basis. Skaters are not allowed to stop in the middle of their program and start again. Coaches may “bump the line” and play their student’s music if they are giving a lesson to that student. A “Lesson” Tag must be placed with this device. Requests by coaches will alternate with music that is already in line (ex. coach, skater, coach, skater, etc.) . Programs  may not be played more than 5 times a session.
7. When skating a program, skaters must wear the designated sash or scrunchie. Immediately after finishing, the skater must remove the sash or scrunchie and pass on to the next skater in line.
8. Skating with headphones, 2 ear buds or similar devices is not permitted. One earbud is permitted as long as the skater is adhering to existing rules.
9. Freestyle ice is for practice, not socialization. Please leave the ice surface if you wish to socialize or take a break.
10. Skaters must keep moving unless receiving instruction from a coach. If a skater falls, they must get up immediately, if able to do so. Do not sit on the ice.
11. Making Tiktok videos, SnapChat, and similar social media videos disruptive to others and/or freestyle rules is not permitted.
12. For safety reasons, no one is permitted on the ice without skates. No one (including children) is permitted to be carried on the ice without skates.
13. The Head Coach or appointed coach (in the head coach’s absence) is in charge of enforcing the rules. Skaters and parents are expected to adhere to freestyle rules and etiquette.
Prohibited Behavior –Kicking, digging holes, scraping or stomping the ice and kicking the boards prohibited. –Being verbally abusive to other skaters or coaches is prohibited.– Deliberately challenging, scaring or intentionally blocking another skater is prohibited. –Videotaping anyone other than your own skater or yourself is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.
**Flagrant disregard of the rules and  prohibited behavior may result in the skater being asked to leave the session without refund and could result in being banned from the facility for a period of time.

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