Learn to Skate Group Lessons

Complete the Registration form and return it to the York Ice Arena along with Full Payment. Registrations will be accepted by mail, email, fax or at the Front Desk. Make checks payable to YCIA.  Mastercard, Visa & Discover are also accepted.

**York City Residents will receive a discount-Inquire within.

Appropriate for ages 3 and up and all levels of ability.

Pre-registration is Required! 


2014-2015 Group Lesson Calendar

Wednesday Classes: 5:45-6:45pm Tots-Delta Levels & 5:15-6:15pm Freestyle I and above

Saturday Classes: 11:45am-12:45pm Tots-Delta Levels & 11:15am-12:15am Freestyle I and above

Download Registration Form

Summer Mini Session: 4wks for $45

ONLY Wednesdays: 8/6-8/27


Session #1: $75 for 7 weeks

Wednesdays: 9/3-10/15

Saturdays: 9/6-10/18

Session #2: $75 for 7 weeks

Wednesdays: 10/22-12/10

(NO CLASS: 11/26)

Saturdays: 10/225-12/13

(NO CLASS: 11/29)

**Holiday Show: 12/13


** Show numbers include only what has been

taught in Group Lesson class. There is a fee to skate in the shows.

Holiday Mini Session: $45 for 4 days

Class Time: 9:45-11:15am

12/26, 12/29, 12/30 & 12/31

Session #3: $75 for 7 weeks

Wednesdays: 1/7-2/25

(NO CLASS: 2/4)

Saturdays: 1/3-2/28

(NO CLASS: 1/17 & 2/7)

Session #4: $75 for 7 weeks

Wednesdays: 3/11-4/22

Saturdays: 3/14-4/25

**Spring Show: 4/25


** Show numbers include only what has been

taught in Group Lesson class. There is a fee to skate in the shows.

Session #5: $75 for 7 weeks

Wednesdays: 5/6-6/24

(NO CLASS: 5/20)

***Sundays: 5/3-6/28

(NO CLASS: 5/10 & 5/24)

Class time for Sundays:

Freestyle 1 & above: 4-5pm

Tots-Delta: 4:30-5:30pm

  • Taught by Marcie Vucenic and the York City Ice Arena Skating Instructors from: WRFSC
  • 30min lesson and 30min practice for each participant
  • Figure OR Hockey skate rental is available at no extra charge
  • Each student will receive a Practice Pass (5 Sessions)-it is for the student to practice the skills they are learning in class & must be used during the current session-if registered BEFORE the 1st day of class-no exceptions.
  • Children 6 & under are REQUIRED to wear helmets (hockey or bicycle)
  • Wear loose fitting clothing & 1 pair of socks-NO snow suits
  • All participants should wear gloves/mittens
  • Missed classes can be made up during the current session-on the alternate day-credits for missed classes will only be given with a doctors note.
  • ALL Participants MUST pre-register
  • $5 Discount for each additional child
  • Students should arrive for class @ least 15min before class to get their skates on and prepare for class.
  • Testing will be done on the last day of class-certificates or ribbons will be handed out along with recommendations.
  • Badges are available for those who become members of ISI (Ice Skating Institute)
  • Optional annual ISI membership for $13


I.S.I. Skating Levels:

  • Tots - Ages 3-5, Students learn to feel comfortable on the ice, to stand and fall properly
  • Pre-Alpha(Beginner) - For skaters who walk on skates. Teaches gliding and balancing on each foot.
  • Alpha (Advanced Beginner) - Forward stroking, forward crossovers, and snowplow stop.
  • Beta (Intermediate) - Backward stroking, backward crossovers, and T stop.
  • Gamma (Advanced Intermediate) - Outside forward 3 turns, mohawk, and hockey stop.
  • Delta (Advanced) - Inside forward 3 turns, forward edges, lunge, and bunny hops.
  • Freestyle I - Basic spins, jumps, and footwork.

Learn to Skate Gift Certificates

How often can you give someone a life-long skill as a gift. Perfect for the aspiring figure skater, hockey player or for someone who wants to have fun learning a new activity! Registrations must be taken before the first day of class. Please stop by the York City Ice Arena Office. For more information, call 717-848-1084 and press “0” for the Shift Supervisor.

All participants must register, pay and sign the waiver before the first class.