The York City Ice Arena is a facility that is continuously growing and expanding. The new ice arena, which opened in September of 2001, has taken over where York's original ice rink left off.

For years the Memorial Park Ice Rink provided public skating, figure skating and hockey programs for the York Community. As the interest in skating, figure skating and hockey began to grow, the demand for ice time increased. York County also saw the expansion of high school hockey. With the large demand in ice time and a few structural problems in the existing ice rink, the need for a much larger facility was apparent.

In early 2000 it appeared as though an outside group would build a new ice rink in the City of York. Those plans disappeared and there was no new ice rink in sight.

Representatives from the various organizations that depend on the rink began meeting to discuss alternatives to build a new rink. It soon became evident that they would have to do the planning and find their own solution.

A committee was formed to discuss the available options with the City of York and it was decided to pursue the establishment of a non-profit corporation to build a new ice rink. YCRC- York City Recreation Corporation was formed and ran the rink from 2001-2003.

The York City Ice Arena is owned by the City of York and run by RMSC- Rink Management Services Corporation. The non-profit YCRC provides non-skating programming through a partnership with the City of York.